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Adoption of embryos

Adopting embryos consists in receiving frozen embryos from healthy parents who no longer want to use them for their reproduction Project and decide to donate them to other couples or women who many need them.

It is a simple treatment that requires endometrial preparation to transfer the frozen embryos.

This treatment is indicated in:

  • Patients who need double reception: of donor eggs and semen.
  • Patients who have done several in-vitro fertilisation treatments without success.

The embryos are assigned to a receiving couple/woman by the medical team that applied the technique, according to their physical characteristics and those of their partner, the blood group and Rh, trying to find the best similarity possible between the donors and the receiving woman or couple.

The pregnancy rate with the adoption of embryos is about 50-60 %.

Legally, embryo donors must fulfil the same conditions as egg or semen donors. The adoption process is limited to signing the informed consent form.