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Artificial insemination (IAC/IAD)

Artificial insemination is an assisted reproduction technique that consists in inserting spermatozoids, previously treated in the laboratory, into the woman’s uterine cavity to achieve gestation. This tries to shorten the distance separating the spermatozoids from the egg and therefore helps them both to meet. It is a simple, pain-free procedure, and it is suitable for women with permeable tubes and correct ovary function. The pregnancy rate per artificial insemination cycle is around 20-25%.

If the spermatozoids come from the partner, the technique is called artificial insemination by husband/partner (AIH). Alternatively, the technique can be carried out with donor semen (AID). In this case, the simple comes from a legally authorised sperm bank and is in optimum conditions in terms of the quantity and quality of the spermatozoids.